Video Game Who's That Flying?! (PC) (2013)

Who's That Flying?! (PC) (2013)

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Who's That Flying?! is a horizontal shooter whose goal is to protect Earth from alien invaders. With the aliens coming in from the right side of the screen, your job is not to let them reach the left side. In particular, this means you can even move up to one and tear apart as part of your defensive strategies (whereas in your average shmup vertical shooter, your primary goal is to avoid being hit and your secondary goal is to shoot enemies for points).

[20141207 Edit]
I briefly played a bit of Who's That Flying today and it was pretty cool. I played the first level of the campaign and I like how the story and tutorial was integrated into the game.

In terms of gameplay, this game is a straightforward shooter and I like the option to rip up any stragglers. Of course, due to avoiding the enemy in a traditional shooter, it's initially quite unintuitive. However, since the goal is to defend the city, you'll soon learn to do whatever it takes to destroy the enemy!

Overall, I enjoyed my first encounter with Who's That Flying and look forward to playing more of it.

Having enjoyed the gameplay and story, I played a bit more of the game today. Perhaps one of the reasons I enjoy the game is for the artwork, which is similar in style to games developed by The Behemoth: Alien Hominid (2004), Castle Crashers (2008), and BattleBlock Theater (2013).