Video Game Waves (PC) (2011)

Waves (PC) (2011)

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Apparently I first played this game today for 13 minutes. Here are the achievements I accomplished:

10:45am Antivirus
10:45am It fires more than once?
10:45am Couldn't Hold It In
10:46am Kill them all!

10:46am Killing Spree
10:48am Mega Kill

20141126 AM Hours:
Today I read the rules and then played twice with my laptop's touchpad while lying down. Unfortunately, the touchpad buttons responed horribly and the only way I could attack and move was to hold down the attack button prior to moving. This meant my ability to combo suffered greatly, because combos in this game are best obtained by firing at enemies intermittently.

Since I didn't feel like using an external mouse for the remainder of the night, I decided to call it quits and try again tomorrow.

On a positive note, I did get an achievement for dying three times without killing anything!

Though my time with the game today was short, I was immediately hooked with the game. This is strange, it took me much longer to be hooked to Super Hexagon (2012). What makes the two different? Perhaps that Waves starts out much easier than Super Hexagon, yet shows a promising degree of difficulty.

20141126 Evening:
Today I played this game the proper way: with a mouse.

With that being said, I still had some trouble at the start. However, after much perseverance, I was able to get five million points!

Tip: Concentrating on collecting the multipliers whenever you level up is important.

What I don't know, however, is the condition for leveling up. I think knowing this would help improve my strategy.

Tip: Try to use your slow-mo power in conjunction with using the bomb against the virus. Typically, clearing a patch of the virus will be enough to get you another bomb and so you can move to the next virus patch where you just repeat the combo.

And to think, I've only played one of the many game modes! While I didn't feel like touching the other game modes today, I will definitely return to try them out sooner or later.

Tip: At some point I noticed that you are a ball and carry some degree of momentum. Thus, stopping can sometimes be detrimental to avoiding the enemy!

Tip: You can freely roll against the perimeter, it doesn't bite.