Video Game Teslagrad (PC) (2013)

Teslagrad (PC) (2013)

Overview: A Metroidvania and puzzle platformer which uses magnetic polarity as the basis for gameplay.

At the start, you're just a normal boy.
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Got the glove!
20141119: [20141213 Edit]
At the start, this game appears to be your average platformer (though with admittedly beautiful artwork). However, when the game starts introducing some of the more advanced game mechanics, Teslagrad has both amazing graphics and gameplay.

One of the bosses.
Without spoiling some of the later gameplay mechanics, the basic gameplay involves the polarity of objects: blue or red. Behaving like charges, like colors repel and opposite colors attract.

Getting/finding the achievements often feels rewarding.

From there, the game hands the world to the player in a somewhat non-linear manner. This allows the player to explore and figure out what may or may not be achieved given the powers he/she currently has obtained.

Sometimes you know where they are, but they are challenging to obtain.
Now that I think about it, Teslagrad definitely has the classic Metroidvania structure: gaining abilities as the story progresses and unlocking more and more areas as more and more abilities are acquired.

Currently, the exploration I have faced is minimal and where I need to go is generally obvious.

The hood is awesome. Here, red repels red, so I hover over the lava to safety.
It is unclear to me how much backtracking is necessary to obtain all the achievements (the achievements are spread throughout the game and often require thought and/or skill in order to obtain them).

While I can probably say more about Teslagrad, the only important compliments that remain to be said are that I absolutely enjoy this game and that you should absolutely play it.

The flash boots are super cool!