Video Game Super House of Dead Ninjas (PC) (2013)

Super House of Dead Ninjas (PC) (2013)

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Throwing projectiles.
Super House of Dead Ninjas is a platformer where you play as a ninja. Travel downwards through a level and play against the clock. When the clock runs down, you'll lose a life, so be sure to find pickups which will reset the timer!

The first part of the first level has all the keypresses you will need to know. I love games that use this tutorial setup.

A nice streamlined tutorial.
While some of the movements took me some time to get used to, I think the game has an easy learning curve. Perhaps the only command that I didn't understand immediately was the downward attack. This is done just by pressing down - no need to press the attack button.

Slash away with your katana!
As you play the game you'll unlock a bunch of weapons and upgrades so that in future plays you can use different weapons and upgrades. This makes the game fun to play and provides variety.

Ultimately, I think Super House of Dead Ninjas is pretty fun and has some good mechanics.

The first boss, Spite.
Note that today I was able to beat the first boss, which unlocks the second level. After finishing the first level, you can play starting from the second level from the menu screen. I was not, however, able to beat the second boss. The boss charges on the ground and he's about the height of your jump. As such, I couldn't figure out how to defeat him.

The second boss, Torment.
Unlike Rayman Origins (2012), I think this game has a good amount of flavor which sets itself apart from other platformers I've played.

Overall, I would definitely recommend you head over to Adult Swim's website and try a little bit of Super House of Dead Ninjas. Good luck and have fun!