Video Game Soundodger+ (PC) (2013)

Soundodger+ (PC) (2013)

Succinctly, Soundodger+ is an avoid-'em-up, a bullet-hell shooter except without the shooting. Dodge incoming wedges and circles as they fly onto the screen from the game's edges, often in tandem to the game's soundtrack.

Sometimes you can bravely stay still in the center!
While the game has a musical quality, Soundodger+ is not a rhythm game.

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Other times, you can just run off to the side, just to be sure!
The game starts off with levels of easy difficulty and gradually increases this difficulty. Note that you start with a set of levels unlocked, and each subsequent level requires an 80% completion. Thus, among the levels you have unlocked, let's say you have a total of 500% completion. That means you'll have unlocked 6 levels beyond the initial set, and you'll need another 60% to unlock the next level.

The inner black circle indicates how far you are into the track.
The filled circle within it indicates your percentage (score).
In my hour and fifteen minutes or so of playing, I played each level one after another and did not hit the boundary of locked levels where I needed to replay a level. More precisely, I played up to and including the first advanced level (Daisy Wheel - Disasterpeace) and have unlocked up to and including the advanced level Foxtail Socks - Bill Kiley (the next level after that says 40% to go).

Again, staying still in the center.
While it is currently easy to unlock levels, its clear that the harder the level is, the lower my scores will be. Plotting the scores onto some stem-and-leaf plots, we have the following:

STAR:1       2       3
     7|      7|      7|65
     8|      8|02    8|1
     8|      8|589   8|75
     9|1     9|013   9|5
     9|886// 9|//

Staying in the center doesn't work here.
In fact I'm cornered! What the heck!
What was I suppose to do!?!
Explanation by example: I got "9/" = 100 on two 1-star levels and two 2-star levels. My lowest score thus far is a 75 on a 3-star level.