Video Game Rayman Origins (PC) (2012)

Rayman Origins (PC) (2012)*
*Rayman Origins (Various) (2011)

Part of the game's introductory cutscene.
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I've been waiting to play the game with my friends, because there's up to four player co-op. However, I've waited too long and we've played other co-op games instead. As such, today I decided just to go ahead and try the game out.

Rescue Betilla the Fairy and gain the power to attack!
In terms of attacks, Rayman has a directional attack in addition to the standard platforming jump attack. While collecting the objectives in the first level was quite easy, the game slowly ramps up the difficulty and I suppose it would take a while to beat the game with 100%.

Today I played three of the levels and found the game had good level design and a nice look to it, but I was uninterested in playing more than a half hour.

Awesome punch attack!
Overall, the game was a pretty standard platformer. As it stands, I wouldn't rush out to recommend the game, but I wouldn't recommend against it either. Furthermore, I have yet to see how the game stands as a multiplayer platformer. My guess is that this game was released some time after New Super Mario for the Wii which also featured four-player co-op.


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