Video Game Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC) (2010)

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (PC) (2010)

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20141108: [20141206 Edit]
So I started this game up and it asked me to make an EA account. Not realizing my Origin account was the same as an EA account, I made a new account for the game. At some point during the process, the serial key was applied to the new account and then an error occurred due to my e-mail already being used.

Unfortunately, a transfer of the game would not be possible. Fortunately, customer support helped me delete the new account and provided a new serial key for my already existing account. Note that things went smoothly for me, but there are risks associated with the process.

Moving on to the gameplay, I found the nitrous oxide game mechanic fun. While charging the nitrous oxide bar by driving "dangerously" (e.g., slipstreaming or driving on the wrong side of road) was a bit silly, but I suppose I'll take what I can get when it comes to speed!

One feature I liked was having all cars begin with a running start. However, I disliked how the game prevented access to the menu until the race fully begins.

Unfortunately, the game's controls were not as refined and fun as compared to the controls in GRID 2 (2013). In GRID 2, the driving felt more natural, shifting gears was fun, and drifting was more clear.

On a positive note, playing as a police officer (driving a police car) and pummeling the illegal street racers was quite satisfying and a nice change from the typical car race.

Finally, the graphics were nice.

Overall, unless you're a big fan of the racing genre, I would recommend you try out the game and compare it to other popular racing games (including newer entries in the Need for Speed franchise). I personally thought this game was just alright.

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