Video Game NBA 2K15 (PC) (2014)

NBA 2K15 (PC) (2014)

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I was able to squeeze in the last hour of the free play time for NBA 2K15. Unfortunately, the controls were detailed and probably not as intuitive for a keyboard as it would be for a controller. After playing a quick match, I watched some of the in-game videos and played a 1-on-1. During the 1-on-1, I was able to get a better understanding for many of the controls.

After playing this game, and despite having some initial difficulty, I find I would really enjoy trying to improve at it. However, I would only play if I had a controller lying around. Given that this game uses live statistics, I think this would be a great way to learn about players and details pertaining basketball itself.

Maybe I will get the next edition of this game (I assume it'll be called NBA 2K16).

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