Video Game Mini Ninjas (PC) (2009)

Mini Ninjas (PC) (2009)

You are a ninja.
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Mini Ninjas is a 3D action game where you play as a young ninja able to learn ancient magic. Two of the first magic spells you learn are possession of an animal and casting a fireball. Of course, in addition to using magic, Mini Ninjas incorporates many other gameplay mechanics.

The average enemy.
Today I played Mini Ninjas for the first time and I thought the game was fun. In particular, I like the fighting mechanics.

While this game is arguably best played with brute force, stealth can occasionally be used for the fun of it.

On a more detailed note, I initially didn't realize the importance of collecting plants and herbs - I thought they were just for show. Fortunately, the game lets you replay a level.

Save your friends!
Possessing animals is also a cool feature. However, I would have liked if each animal had more properties which are unique to that animal. Thus far, most of the creatures I've encountered behave the same except for the bear.

Another feature I would have liked is the addition of a world map. While the map doesn't have to reveal everything, I think it would have been nice to show the player a map of places that he/she has visited before.

With such a feature, instead of worrying about where I am and trying to focus on orienting myself, I could have focused more on the gameplay.

Fight bigger enemies.
Understandably, I suppose there's a difficulty in implementing a map system without revealing hidden areas. Perhaps the solution would be to only illuminate the main areas, and paths to hidden areas would remain unmarked.

In any case, I am definitely willing to overlook the issue, because the core gameplay is fun and the map progression is generally linear.

If you like action-adventure games like the The Legend of Zelda franchise or Beyond Good and Evil (2003), I would recommend you try out Mini Ninjas.

Fight bosses!
Note that the only trouble I had during my gaming session was facing the first boss. Perhaps that is my fault, because I did not completely understand the hint. But my hint to you is that you should try to interpret the picture in addition to the text of the hint and that the battle is more or less event driven.