Video Game Mini Metro (PC) (2014)

Mini Metro (PC) (2014) (Early Access)

Overview: Mini Metro is a metro service simulation game.

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Overview Continued: As a city begins to grow and people want to get from one location to another, its your job to set up lines and trains to service their needs. For every in-game week of service you successfully provide, you are awarded with a new train and the choice for one of two options (the options vary and consist of an extra carriage, an extra line, or extra tunnels).

20141112: [20141207]
I played a little bit of Mini Metro today and I'm sort of getting the hang of it.

20141113: [20141207 Edit]
Today while waiting for some code to run, I was playing some more Mini Metro. Though there was practically no instruction (note that the game is still early access), I was starting to develop a strategy and was getting into it more with each successive go ("Commuter", "London").

Later in the evening, I was thinking about trying some other exciting games on my to-play list, but Mini Metro was so fun I just had to play some more.

20141115: [20141207]
I might have played yesterday, but I definitely played more today.

While the game doesn't have any achievements yet and changes to it are still being made, I simply enjoy trying to figure out an optimal strategy. Note, however, this is particularly hard because of the randomness involved with the game.

20141117: [20141207]
Similar to 20141115, I definitely played more today, but I might have also played yesterday. This day, however, was the last day I spent with the game.

Summarizing the several hours logged on this game over the course of several days, I mainly played on the London map and I played a couple of times on a different level. I'm not sure, however, on the differences between the different levels, especially since the game is in early access and is still going through changes.

20150120: [20150120]
Today I played a game or two of Mini Metro and it seems that some of the interface has been tweaked. It's also possible that the developers have added more levels, but I still just continue playing the London map.