Video Game LYNE (PC) (2014)

LYNE (PC) (2014)

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The goal of LYNE is to connect nodes of the same shape (color) with a single path. Every path must start and end at the specially marked nodes of said shape (color).

[20141203 Edit]
This puzzle game utilizes a simple game concept, but is both fun and relaxing to play.

Eventually there are "neutral" nodes which can be shared.
While some levels are challenging, most levels require - and are best done with - trial and error.

One detail I noticed is the different nodes make different musical sounds. Overall, I found the sounds supplement the soothing atmosphere.

The red path has been drawn up to the bottom left node.
To complete the puzzle, connect that node to the one
above it, and then to the one above that.
In any case, I played for a solid two hours, only stopping because I wanted to keep the video recording to under two hours as well as making sure I got to bed in time for work the next day.

I should note that I actually wanted to play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, but apparently I hadn't downloaded it yet. As such, I started playing Lyne as Need for Speed downloaded in the background. However, since Lyne was so fun, I continued playing it well after Need for Speed had finished downloading.

I completed sets A, B, C, and a daily set.

I complete sets D, E, F, and G.

I completed set H.