Video Game LightFish (PC) (2011)

LightFish (PC) (2011)

I think I can get to the other side before it gets me!
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You're a fish and your goal is to cut off a target amount of (green) space on every level. Each time you start a path from your boundary and end a path to your boundary, you divide the remaining (blue) space in two. The piece that accounts for less than half of that space becomes green and you continue until you reach the target amount.

But there's a catch! Watch out for enemies bouncing around, because any that hit your line before its complete will reduce your lives by one. Run out of lives and you'll have to start the level over!

I played a little bit of LightFish today. Admittedly the game was a bit strange and difficult at first, but I began to get the hang of it.

Obstacles block my strategy of driving down the center!
While easy to just sort of play and have fun, LightFish can be challenging in terms of getting a high score. Getting a good high score can take a combination of planning and luck.

Unfortunately, the game has a terrible interface and lacks a restart feature. Every time I don't get a good time, I have to either return to the menu screen and backtrack to the level or purposely die.

Thus, while there is some fun to be had with the game, I think its not as fun as some other puzzle games out there. In particular, I recently played a puzzle game called LYNE which was a lot more fun.

I went back to the game today and improved my score on some of the levels out of the first chapter (Shallow Waters). My goal was to set myself on the leaderboards for each of them within the hundreds.

Lava! Yikes!
116 122112 Starting Point
133 156477 Double Trouble
118 147640 Introducing Wall
287 170515 Big 7
093 231040 Wall-y
032 157411 Introducing Wanderer
125 208710 Columns
231 186307 Crossroads
157 216631 Introducing Worm

My best Leaderboards position.