Video Game Jet Set Radio (PC) (2012)

Jet Set Radio (PC) (2012)*
*Jet Set Radio (Dreamcast) (2000)

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First I went to the practice mode, but I found that it wasn't so instructive and just went into the game.

At that point, there were a couple of tutorial stages. I might be missing some lessons, but some of them are here: skate, jump, speed up, use graffiti, hang onto cars, and more complicated graffiti.

Besides getting Q and E mixed up, I also had trouble with the complicated graffiti for a while. However, I eventually figured out that the keyboard imitates rotation, by pressing the directional keys in order. For example counter-closewise rotation from down to up is done with Down -> Right -> Up.

Unfortunately, I began getting a headache after a while and decided to stop playing. While playing on roller skates and spreading graffiti was fun at first, I ultimately enjoy Tony Hawk Pro Skater much better.

Note that despite my negative experience, the game seems to have favorable reviews and "known for spearheading the use of cel-shaded graphics in video games." (