Video Game Jack Lumber (PC) (2013)

Jack Lumber (PC) (2013)

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Prior to playing this game, all I knew was that it'd be a casual game.

Getting into the game, I initially thought it would be a Fruit Ninja rip off.

Casablanca (1942) reference.
The game, however, isn't about slicing furiously. Instead, in a given wave, a bunch of logs will come flying into the view. At that point, the player should choose a moment to activate their lumber time and draw a path through as many of the logs as possible.

As the game progresses, the player is introduced to new and different types of logs, each requiring different ways to chop. For example, some logs must be chopped from one end to the other, other logs require multiple passes before being cleared.

While simple at first, the game begins to become more difficult at a nice and easy pace. Furthermore, the game leaves a lot of room for hopes of climbing the leaderboards and get a better score.

On that note, playing the same level will result in the same set of logs appearing. Thus, the strategic player looking to improve his/her score will plan out the right moment to activate the lumber time and the optimal path through the logs.

This beaver is just full of pop culture references and jokes.
Note that by optimal, I mean whatever path it takes to get the highest score out of the logs which are on screen. Higher scores can be obtained by passing through multiple logs in a single swipe (straight shot) and by spending the least amount of lumber time.

Thus, efficient paths and proper use of exploding barrels will definitely help with improving one's scores.

Overall, I thought the game was fun, at least enough to play it for twelve levels over the course of forty minutes. If you like casual games and/or Fruit Ninja, then you should check out Jack Lumber.