Video Game Incredipede (PC) (2012)

Incredipede (PC) (2012)

Technically you only need to collect enough fruit in a level to meet the
requirements to pass to the next area, which is a collection of levels.
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I initially started playing this game to do the achievements. Thinking they were in-game achievements, I played all of the first world on the normal difficulty.

She floats!
Not understanding why I hadn't yet unlocked any achievements, I went to check out the hard difficulty. However, I only looked at the first two levels of hard difficulty and there was no creature building as suggested, at least not yet.

That's when I went to the main menu to find the achievements section. There I learned that the game's achievements are about exploring the real world. While the game simply uses the honor system on each achievement's completion, I thought the idea itself was admirable.

The goal of each level is to make it to the beam of light.
Unfortunately, I did not find myself excited about playing the game any further, and after completing the achievements (as much as I was able), I immediately stopped playing. With so many fun games in my library (just yesterday I played this amazing game called Teslagrad), it's unlikely that I'll ever come back to complete Incredipede.

The game's achievements.
Remark: The main gameplay is driven by a creature composed of sticks (bones) which are fixed together or given movement with muscles that are controlled with A and S. As such, this game might interest those who are fascinated by movement of creatures, because Incredipede is a bit like a motion simulator.

Second Remark: There's supposedly a part in the game where its up to you, the player, to create the creature yourself. Unfortunately, I was already turned off by the game to try it out.