Video Game Gunslugs (Android) (2014)

Gunslugs (Android) (2014)

Play as Johnny Rumble or Gun Chick.
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Gunslugs is a run-and-gun shooter with simple controls: left, right, jump, and shoot. In particular, this means you don't control the direction of the shot and can only shoot in the direction determined by the weapon you're using.

Take control of an enemy tank!
Some of the weapons include standard gun (shoot in front of you), double guns (shoot in both directions), grenades (throw grenades in an arch), and flamethrower (fire flames in front of you).

Note that your weapon has a finite amount of ammo, but ammo is quite readily available.

Wielding the double guns!
Today on the wait home, I played Gunslugs (yesterday I played Draw a Stickman: Epic). In any case, this game was a lot more fun than Draw a Stickman: Epic.

While the controls are almost too simple, the game quickly shows that there are a number of subtleties to encounter/discover. For example, you will meet new enemies as you progress, and be given new objectives to complete.

Meet objectives! (Though I'm not sure why.)
Thus far, I've played a couple of games that include an ongoing objective section: Gunslugs, Race the Sun (2013), and Astro Teemo (2013)*.

Having played twice, once as Johnny Rumble and once as Gun Chick (no difference in abilities that I can tell), I thought the game was fun, but unfortunately had a short steep learning curve prior to becoming too plain and repetitive.

*I learned today that Astro Teemo mimics an endless runner game called Jetpack Joyride (2011).