Video Game Five Nights at Freddy's (PC) (2014)

Five Nights at Freddy's (PC) (2014)

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Five Nights at Freddy's is a survival horror story where the player sits in a room and needs to stay alive by monitoring animatronics that come alive at night and shutting the door whenever they're outside. Can you make it Five Nights at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza?

I'm not one to watch horror movies, but I enjoyed playing Five Nights at Freddy's. While the game's mechanics are simple, its ability to create tension and scare the player is intriguing. If you remotely enjoy the genre, I would recommend you get yourself a copy and give the game a try!

With this game being available in a Humble Bundle and having watched some of the gameplay on YouTube, I decided to go ahead and buy the game. However, despite knowing the game's main idea, I still got scared twice by it.

Making it through day 1 without any problem, my first death was during day 2. Then, apparently you can continue from the same day. As such, I started from day 2 and just barely made it. I ran out of battery power with an animatronic right outside the left door! Fortunately, after a couple of seconds, 5AM rolled over to 6AM and I was cleared to the move to day 3. Then I died for the second time and decided to just call it a day (at least for Five Nights at Freddy's).

Overall, if you like horror games and simple games, then you might just enjoy Five Nights at Freddy's. However, as far as I know, there's some luck and/or risk involved.

After taking a beating in level six of Megabyte Punch, I decided my friends and I can take a break and play a little Five Nights at Freddy's. Having played it before, I thought my friends would want to give it a try. Unfortunately, they refused and so I took control.

Stupidly, however, I decided to play with a trackball. Doing so, we made it through day one without any trouble, but loss day two. While another attempt at day two was better, we still loss when we ran out of batteries. At that point, we watched two YouTube videos by The Game Theorists: "Game Theory: Five Nights at Freddy's SCARIEST Monster is You!" and "Game Theory: FNAF 2, Gaming's Scariest Story SOLVED!"

Steam Game Time: 106 minutes

I had Ada play this game once. I wanted her to play before, but I especially wanted her to play today, because her godson is a fan of the game (via YouTube videos). Unfortunately, she hardly got the hang of it before Foxy came running down the hall and through the door. She wasn't so scared.

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