Video Game Eets Munchies (PC) (2014)

Eets is emotional when he eats. Here, he is shy.
He will turn around whenever he gets to an edge.

Today I played Eets Munchies for the first time. However, I have previously played a demo of Eets.

After several hours, I completed all the puzzles except the last mystery.

This is angry Eets. He will jump long distances upon reaching an edge.

Prior to unlocking that one, I had also found another one of the puzzles exceptionally difficult.

The rest of the puzzles were easy to medium in difficulty, where difficulty is based on the amount of time required to find a solution to collecting all three snacks.

This is Eets on shrooms. Reverse the world's gravity.

While it would have been nice to complete the game in one day, I'm going to leave this last puzzle unsolved for now.

[20141212 Edit]

Today I returned and finished the game. I also completed the game's achievements.

The last puzzle goes unsolved!

Steam Game Time: 5.7 hours (total game time)


Overall, I found Eets Munchies to be an enjoyable game. With fun puzzle mechanics and a couple of challenging levels, Eets Munchies is a good game to have in a puzzle gamer's library.

Eets Munchies (PC) (2014)

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