Video Game Defy Gravity Extended (PC) (2011)

Defy Gravity Extended (2011)

Overview: A puzzle-platformer which primarily uses a gravity-based game mechanic.

Some levels require that you to maneuver via gold platforms. They are
attracted to gravity wells (blue) and repelled from anti-wells (yellow).
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20141121: [20160322 Edit]
Today I wanted to play League of Legends, but I was using my internet to transfer a game from one computer to the next. While I should have used an ethernet cable or USB drive, I decided instead to play Defy Gravity, which doesn't require an internet connection.

Jumping on gold pellets to safely cross a deadly laser.
While the game was instructive about the controls, the mechanics were initially hard to master. In particular, it was much more intuitive to use the anti-well than the gravity-well.

However, after two hours of playing, I beat the normal mode with great pleasure. The game mechanics are creative and the levels are a good mixture of challenging and fun.

If it looks bad now, just wait until they cover the screen.
One feature of the game that makes it less frustrating is giving the player automatic checkpoints. Generally clearing any difficult portion of a level and arriving at a safe, neutral area will spawn a checkpoint.

After beating the game on normal, I unlocked hard mode, and the game indicated the following two changes: 1) no anti-well and 2) all enemies are now gravity sensitive. While the first would definitely require some thought, I felt like the second could actually be a good thing.

Waiting in a gravity well.
Not wanting to go past two hours of recording, I only played a little bit of the hard mode. It was, however, a certainty that I would return to this game soon. Furthermore, I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys challenging platformers like Super Meat Boy (2010). Actually, I suppose Defy Gravity is more like Teslagrad (2013).

Note that while I mentioned Super Meat Boy, the two games require a different play style and have a different pace. In particular, Super Meat Boy levels tend to encourage speed whereas Defy Gravity levels tend to promote more thought.

"You have no anti-wells." (yellow)
"All enemies are gravity sensitive." (they are gold)
"There are other changes that you can figure out for yourself."
"If you can get that far." (I have not noticed other changes yet)
"Good Luck" (how nice of you...)