Video Game Darkfall Unholy Wars (PC) (2013)

Darkfall Unholy Wars (PC) (2013)

Female Mirdain
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Starting point.
So I tried giving this game a shot today and I initially had trouble loading it. After shutting the game down and loading it up again, it eventually let me create a character.

Character creation completed!
Say hello to Teratona Riverdagger!
Unfortunately, character creation was followed by a long load screen. Then when the game was up and running, there was absolutely no tutorial available!

This was made apparent in chat when someone asked if the game had a tutorial. Another player kindly replied that there usually is a tutorial, but it was recently removed.

Compared to collecting wood in Terraria,
collecting wood in Darkfall Unholy Wars
is an unsatisfying experience.
I did, however, manage to begin understanding the multitude of controls and interfaces. I did this by trying to accomplish various feats.

In the end, I only did some boring resource gathering and lost the ability to run (a bug which I couldn't debug).

Outside the central starting area.
After a couple minutes of boredom, I turned the game off with the possibility of turning it back on to see if my ability to run would resume. Ultimately, after turning the game off, I just decided to leave the game alone.

Overall, I've only ever played four MMORPGS: Spiral Knights (2009), Realm of the Mad God (2011), WildStar (2014), and Darkfall Unholy Wars. Comparing my initial impressions of Darkfall Unholy Wars with those of WildStar, I would much rather play WildStar.

Steam: 78 minutes