Video Game Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PC) (2012)

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare (PC) (2012)

Customize the look of your character.
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[20141214 Edit]
This game was interesting. I went through all the tutorials, and the game mechanics were promising.

Versus AI. Chopped off his arm!
(I actually also have a screenshot where I chopped
off his buddy's head, but decided to omit it.)
Getting into the actual multiplayer, I found the gameplay was a decent experience. The two most notable aspects of the game were the humor, whenever it occurred, and the epic soundtrack.

From my game time, I thought the game gives players a short experience of being in a medieval battle (as seen on television or in the movies). While I was playing on a 12 v 12 server (twelve players on each team), I read that many servers are 16 v 16 and some are occasionally 32 v 32.

Practicing with the bow.
While movement feels somewhat limited compared to real life, I feel like the dying part would be very similar. In general, I would run out, and perhaps two of my teammates would be there and we'd surround this one guy, but you have to attack strategically or else you risk hitting your teammates.

Being new to the game, I would die very quickly. Thus, even though this was medieval warfare and not a first-person shooter like Counter Strike, my kill-death ratio was about the same. I hate this kind of game (I'm joking, I actually just mean that I'm not really good at it, and I don't find it fun enough to try and improve).

This player was an expert at chopping off all the limbs.
The trick is to crouch. (It's much harder standing up.)