Video Game The Bard's Tale (PC) (2004)

The Bard's Tale (PC) (2004)

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My choice of base stats.
The Bard's Tale is an action RPG which was somewhat humorous and not bad with respect to its gameplay. Unfortunately, the fighting system wasn't so fluid, and I'd much rather play an action RPG like Path of Exile (2013).

Mary Macary
If I were to further compare the game with Path of Exile, then I would say that The Bard's Tale skill and equipment system is quite weak and the pace of the action and exploration feels slow.

"In hindsight, I'm surprised it took the Bard this
long to get his handsd on Mary's Chest."
(I see what they did there...)
However, the game seems old to me* and the loading times can be quite long. In fact, there are even loading times when entering a person's home! This makes it tiring to enter people homes and engage in the story.

The overhead view.
Ultimately though, the game's comedy is charming and definitely kept me interested in playing for as long as I did.

The Bard with a summoned Heroine.
*Being released in 2004, technically the game is quite old, especially compared to Path of Exile which was released in 2013. However, in this situation, I would have reserved buildings for shops and place any story-driving NPCs on the world map.

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