Movie Skyfall (2012)

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Skyfall (2012) Sam Mendes. 143 min

James Bond (Daniel Craig)
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M (Judi Dench) and Mallory (Ralph Fiennes)
Skyfall is a great action movie and I would highly recommend it.

From what I can recall, I would say Skyfall has got to be one of the better James Bond movies.

One contribution is that Bond, as portrayed by Daniel Craig, feels darker and more real.

In particular, there were times during Skyfall where I thought perhaps this movie could have been a Batman movie simply by changing a couple of details around.

Silva (Javier Bardem)
Overall, I would highly recommend Skyfall, especially if you're a fan of action movies or a fan of James Bond.

Instant Comments:
Pretty cool chase on the rooftop.
That train jump.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time that Bond has "died." (You Only Live Twice (1967))

Lol. I guess that's how you take a vacation in MI6.
I don't see how two guards in front of an underground bunker is suppose to be more secure
"Skyfall" during the psych eval. What's it mean!?!

Severine (Bérénice Lim Marlohe)

Hahaha. "Were you expecting an exploding pen? We don't really go for that anymore." (GoldenEye (1995))
"Good luck out there in the field... And please return the equipment in one piece."
I guess that's why you have to pass the tests (pull-ups).

Aston Martin
"Bond, James Bond." (@the casino)
"I like you better without your Beretta." "I feel naked without it."
I really like Javier Bardem in this movie.

"What makes you think this is my first time?"
50 year old Macallan (the label read 1962).
Haha. "Latest thing from Q branch, called a 'radio'." (a rebuttal to Silva ridiculing Q branch earlier)

Q (Ben Whishaw)
Whoa. He's insane.
Hahaha. "He's keen to get home."
Holy crap. That's awesome, but only because its fake (rail comes crashing down).
Ha. Sony Vaio.

Aston Martin with licence plate BMT216A.
"Try and stop me you jumped up little shit."
"What did you say you did for a living?" Ha.
Hahaha. "Welcome to Scotland."

Ha. "My name's Eve. Eve Moneypenny."
"I'm sure we'll have one or two close shaves." Wow. The set up for that line, in order to also reference older movies is just mind-blowing.
Sony Vaio again.

I watched this movie again today with my dad. While I decided not to take any notes, I could say that I enjoyed the movie about the same as the first time I watched it.