Video Game The Swapper (PC) (2013)

The Swapper (PC) (2013)

Make clones.
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The Swapper is a sci-fi puzzle platformer where the core game mechanic involves creating temporary copies of yourself* and swapping places with them. One puzzle elements surrounding this mechanic include red and blue lights which prohibit creating copies of yourself (blue) or swapping with one (red).

*The theme reminds me of a specific movie.

I'm a fan of puzzle platformers (e.g., Braid and Limbo), and so I definitely enjoyed The Swapper. While I've only played for an hour, I absolutely loved the game's puzzle mechanic and the only reason I haven't spent more time with it is because I've been focusing on exploring my game library.

Make up to four clones.
With that being said, there were a couple of puzzles which required speed rather than strategy. As frustrating as some of these puzzles were (due to the repeated deaths), I enjoyed solving and accomplishing them.

Of course, there's more to The Swapper than just its puzzle mechanic. It's also atmospheric and the game feels like a thriller to me: it's full of mystery and suspense. In particular, I couldn't help but wonder about the morality behind making and eliminating clones.

In summary, I would highly recommend The Swapper, especially if you like puzzle platformers.

20141005: [20150210]
Having seen trailers for the game prior to acquiring it, I definitely knew I was in for some fun. However, actually playing the game was much more rewarding than watching the trailers.

Reviewing the screenshots I took on 20141005, I couldn't help but notice they were fuzzy.

As such, I installed and ran the game from my laptop (no save file) and played a little bit of the beginning of the game (up until the tidbit about having up to four clones).

In any case, upon starting the game, I was surprised to find that the graphics were intentionally fuzzy. I suppose they add to the atmosphere of the game.