Video Game Super Hexagon (PC) (2012)

Super Hexagon (PC) (2012)

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Today was my first time playing this game and I only played for a short time. It was simple and somewhat addicting, but not addicting enough to keep my attention for more than a couple of minutes.

It should be noted that a couple of minutes is equal to a lot of tries and I was slowly making progress with each try. Unfortunately, I didn't see enough variety in the game to build an interest in it.

If you love addicting, fast-paced games and/or the Super Hexagon EP, then you should consider checking out this game.

I played a little bit more today and took some screenshots. According to Steam, I've only logged a total of 12 minutes.

Note that the better long-run strategy is focusing on what's coming rather than what's in front of you. If you just look at what's in front of you, then it'll be too late to make the right choice (left/right).

On account of my lack of effort with this game, I decided to play a little bit more.

One thing I realized today is that I shouldn't let the rotation of the plane affect my choice to go left or right. That choice should be based on efficiency, which is unrelated to the rotation of the plane.

Another thing I realized while playing is that you can take advantage of when the boundary is close to you. For example, if the opening is to your right, and you're about to hit the boundary. Instead of trying to accurately make it to the opening, you can just push hard right. Since the boundary is close, the cursor will be in the opening area as the boundary falls in and then most likely you end up past the boundary with the opening on your left (as opposed to behind you).

Then, as I play more and more, I also see the importance of just playing to become exposed to the different patterns and obstacles that occur and improving my reaction to them. For example, there's a spiral obstacle that became easier the more I tried to go through it and a zig-zag obstacle that became easier the more I tried as well.

A more general pattern I noticed is that the game alternates between a standard set of obstacles and a difficult obstacle. I suppose I try to use the more standard set of obstacles to relax just a bit.

On a related note, I began to get used to controlling the various necessary turning degrees: 60, 120, and 180.

Accounting for the time I spent blogging, today I played for about twenty minutes and made it to the thirty-eight second mark.

Steam: 44 minutes (total game time)

Today I played some more Super Hexagon and it's amazing how time flies by with this game. In addition, every time I thought about stopping, I just found myself playing more!

Overall, I did find myself improving the more I played. However, I tried two things that seemed to help:
1) Turn off the music
2) Change controls (see comparison)

Comparison of Controls:
Keyboard: Intuitively I started out using my laptop's arrow keys. The controls, however, felt stiff.
Touchpad Buttons: Then somehow I realized I could use the touchpad buttons and I liked the response. They are briefly stiff which is good for short distances and holding them down allows for smoothly executing long distances.
Mouse Buttons: For a short period I tried using my Logitech Mouse buttons but they were too easy to press and I typically overshot the openings.