Video Game Rogue Legacy (PC) (2013)

Rogue Legacy (PC) (2013)

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The guy on your right takes the rest of your gold before you enter. :(
Rogue Legacy is a platformer where you go through a castle collecting gold and items. Each time you die, however, you must choose from a new generation of characters who have different traits, some good and some bad.

Be color-blind.
Furthermore, each time you die, you must explore a new castle (later in the game you can purchase the option to lock down the last castle you played).

Find goodies in the castle (a good reason to lock down a castle).
This game was fun.

You'll die (and die (and die)).

Each time you play, you get better and better by buying more and more skills. Unfortunately, skills get more and more expensive as you buy more and more.

Find secrets.
For example, you have 500 gold and think you have enough money to buy two skills at 250 gold a piece. Well think again, because after buying that first skill, the other skill is going to raise in price.

See your stats.
In any case, the game's not easy, which I suppose is part of the fun.

Be far-sighted.
I wanted to play Rogue Legacy this afternoon on my laptop while waiting for code to run, but the game doesn't utilize Steam Cloud. As such, I decided not to play. Note that a workaround to Steam Cloud, is to create symbolic links between the save file and Dropbox.

Upgrade skills and classes.
I did, however, play when I got home. Overall, the game is fun and challenging.

Be... whatever this is. :D