Video Game Papers, Please (PC) (2013)

Papers, Please (PC) (2013)

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This old man is persistent.
Papers, Please is a game where you're an immigration inspector checking documents for entrance into Arstotzka.

At the beginning, the rules are simple and you only have to make sure the person has a passport. However, as the game progresses, more and more rules and checks must be made.

Sometimes shit gets real and you have choices to make.
For example, all the documentation information has to match up, the photo and other personal information (height, weight, and gender) also has to match up, and the passport has to be issued from a legitimate area.

When I first watched trailers for this game, I thought it looked really fun and easy to play. Unfortunately, the game is quite hard!

They always know when I make an error.
(That doesn't make sense!)

Under a lot of pressure to process documents for my hungry and sick family, I started to process faster and faster, only to miss out on fine details and face more and more citations.

However, the game will be easier to play the next time, as I will be more familiar with what needs to be done.

Ah. Don't worry, you're replaceable.

One small micromanagement that might be possible is stamping a document with the suspected answer (approve or deny) and then correcting it as necessary.*

*I recall an instance of correcting the stamp and it worked and I remember an instance of correcting the stamp and it didn't work, so I don't know how reliable this strategy would be.

My stats.

I played some more today. While the game saves on a day to day basis, so you can start from any of the days, I started over from the beginning.

While I didn't play as much as yesterday, I like the gameplay and the story. In particular, it trains a type of recognition skill that typically isn't required in puzzle games.

The issuing city is one of the harder checks.
Finally, while writing this post, I came up with the following idea: perhaps the easiest way to play the game would be to keep playing a specific day until you get good at it. This would optimize the amount of money you have going into the next day, and when you're satisfied, you can continue on to the next day.