Video Game Gunpoint (PC) (2013)

Gunpoint (PC) (2013)

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This game is pretty neat. It has a spy theme, and plays like a puzzle platformer.

Yesterday I got this game running just fine, but today I had trouble getting it to work. Upon getting the game to work, I think the problem might have been caused by trying to stream the game from my desktop to my laptop (a Steam feature).

In any case, I had disconnected Steam from my laptop and restarted several times before it got working again.

It should be noted that if the game were bad, I wouldn't have spent so much time to get it working, but the game is awesome, and I had to keep trying to get it to work!

It's been a while since a game has hooked me into finishing it, but Gunpoint has managed to do so!* In addition to being short, the game mechanics were satisfying, the story was absolutely intriguing, and the aesthetics were great too!

Speaking more on the story, for the most part the story is quite fixed, with the most points of dialogue driving itself linearly regardless of how you choose to respond. However, there are key instances where your responses will affect the plot!

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this game and highly recommend it to video gamers everywhere. Even if you don't normally play this type of game, I suggest you try it for at least an hour.

*From my records, the last game which I put time in to complete was Dear Esther. Of course, both games are rather short. I played Dear Esther over two days: 20140509 and 20140510.

Note that after finishing the game, I went back to replay some of the levels to get higher scores on them.