Video Game Guacamelee! Gold Edition (PC) (2013)

Guacamelee! Gold Edition (PC) (2013)*

Chickens collected. Mission Accomplished!
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*There is now a Super Turbo Championship Edition.

Guacamelee! Gold Edition is a brawler with some non-linear, exploratory elements* as wells as some fighter elements.
*I wasn't sure whether or not this game actually qualifies as being a Metroidvania-style game. However, the game's Steam description self-proclaims it as being one.

"Is your mother single? Does she have a type?"
[20141117 Edit]
Two things I like about this game are the art direction and the music.

The gameplay, however, is not quite my style, being a little bit complicated. Furthermore, the game occasionally feels a little slow-paced with respect to the plot.

Learning from the Combo Chicken!
While I've only played so much of Dust: An Elysian Tail, Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams, and Guacamelee! Gold Edition, I am most impressed by Guacamelee: it has a good balance between the different gaming factors which I value and has the most initial draw.

Going into the gameplay a bit more, I mentioned briefly above that the game has some non-linear, exploratory elements. One annoying aspect of this is the lack of the double-jump. This reminds me of a Castlevania game I played back in high school where the double-jump was also initially lacking until later in the game. However, after years of playing various games that hand the double-jump over on a silver platter, it just feels weird not to have it from the start. I should note that I'm not sure the double-jump can be learned in Guacamelee.

To end my initial impressions, the game recommends use of a controller and I was only able to play with my keyboard. To that end, executing complicated combos on the keyboard feels difficult and even executing the right moves in a simple fight is hard at first. While this problem may alleviate itself as one plays the game more and more, I suspect that using a controller is, as recommended, a better input device.

Once upon a time...
After the initial story line, a second player is allowed to join.* However, I've yet to try it out.

*Apparently there's four-player local co-op in the Super Turbo Championship Edition.