Video Game Don't Starve (PC) (2013)

I tried playing Don't Starve for the first time today and its the type of game that throws you into the deep end of the pool and expects you to survive on your own. With no explanation of symbols, interface, or purpose, you must figure it out, even if it requires a death or two along the way.

In my short one hour with the game, I learned a bunch and I won't try to spoil anything here. However, I can say that having played Terraria (2011) helped immensely, as I recognized the building aspect of the game and was able to familiarize myself a bit with Don't Starve's building interface.

However, there were some differences between the two and it took me a while to understand them. I think, however, the game intends for the player to have this sort of trial and error experience.

One tip I would give that shouldn't spoil the main gameplay is to build your main camp in a central location. I don't remember my reason for setting up my main camp on the edge of the map, but my poor location choice resulted in two days of walking across the map in hopes of obtaining manure (and eventually dying).

Another tip, related to input, is that its more efficient to just hold the mouse button down than to repeatedly click. Clicking multiple times can actually cause unwanted actions.

Other than those two tips, I suggest you embrace the fun of discovery in the game - that and the funny object descriptions.

Overall, I found this a fun survival and crafting game and would look into adding it to my game collection in the future.

Today I played for the third, fourth, and fifth time.

Fighting Bats (20150201)

Steam Game Time: 89 minutes (session game time)


Today I went for my sixth attempt at Don't Starve, and I survived up to four days (tying for second). It was a nice start with this patch of berry bushes to help me survive. Other resources were also good, but unfortunately I didn't catch any bunnies and lost most of my health in a fight against some bats. Well, I lived, but my health was so low after that.


Actually, using the touchpad also made playing the game hard.

In any case, I went on and decided to do some reading. While there were many good guides, here were a couple of pointers I had tried to implement:
1) Collect 12 flowers to make a garland.
2) Rush a crock pot.

Steam Game Time: 36 minutes (session game time) | ~ 3 hours (total game time)

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Don't Starve (PC) (2013)

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