Video Game Blade Symphony (PC) (2014)

Blade Symphony

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[20141124 Edit]
After going through the tutorial, I tried diving into the online versus mode, but a player has to wait for current matches to be over before being placed into a match.

As such, I only got to play a couple of matches, with each match being a best of three. Unfortunately, my lack of experience meant the other player would just decimate me, leaving little room to improve.

Combo system
However, while waiting, the game has the player spectate the other ongoing matches occurring on the server.

While spectating, I recall the following situation:
One of the players requested the other player to sit so they could talk about an issue he had. The second player obliged and they both sat. The first player then asked if the two could play in line parallel to the temple in the background, because otherwise he lags whenever he faces it directly. With humor, the second player says, "Well we don't have to fight." This remark, however, seems to mostly go over the first player's head and he insists that its okay if they fight, just that he can't look at the temple.

Spectating a match
In any case, I found this game hard and in hindsight I should have practiced more against an AI opponent before fighting against human players.

Regardless, I'm glad I didn't buy this game when it was part of a Humble Bundle. While I don't like this game, playing it nostalgically reminds me of Soulcalibur II (GCN) (2002), a weapon-based fighting game which I own and love. With that being said, I really didn't put much time into the game and if you're looking for a sword-based fighting game, then Blade Symphony might be for you.