Video Game Bejeweled 3 (PC) (2010)

Bejeweled 3 (PC) (2010)

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Interestingly, I don't think I've ever actually played Bejeweled before, only Bejeweled-like games.*

I play methodically, which is not the typical style for this sort of casual puzzle game. However, this type of playing was great for most levels of Candy Crush.*

My first impressions of Bejeweled 3 are that the music is surprisingly not bad and the visuals are similarly good.

After the first game, I learned various properties and decided that its better to use certain special gems when possible - or at least set them up.

My second run was so long, that I was too tired to concentrate towards the end of it.

*I played Candy Crush late in its popularity (Fall 2013). That game was quite addicting. I spent some time on it before being burnt out and just stopped playing entirely. Prior to that, I played a teeny bit of a Nintendo DS game called Puzzle Quest (2007) back in high school. It was cool, because it combined Bejeweled gameplay with RPG elements.

Hilariously, I was trying to lose for a long time and just couldn't. I even tried to search "How to Lose Bejeweled" on Google, only to find that its quite hard to lose at Bejeweled.

As such, I eventually just went into the menu to quit. But the ease at which the game quit suggested that my progress was saved. Re-entering the game mode, I was surprised to learn that my progress was in fact saved! My goodness. This game is ridiculously hard to lose. 8:48PM PT

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