Video Game Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action! (PC) (2014)

Aces Wild: Manic Brawling Action! (PC) (2014)

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Aces Wild is a brawler. There is no story (at least none that I'm aware of), just pure action. Levels consist of interactive stage elements (such as breakable platforms) and a dynamic camera (zooms in and out of the stage to capture all players and enemies, similar to Smash Bros.).

The fighting mechanic is simple (no complicated button combinations), yet can be rewarding if well-understood. For some perspective, Smash Bros. also has simple fighting mechanics with the potential for complex gameplay. In contrast, Ultra Street Fighter IV has both complex mechanics and complex gameplay.

The first thing I noticed about Aces Wild is that it looks cool. Dashing around, attacking enemies, and even taking damage is visually pleasing. While sometimes the number of enemies on the screen felt overwhelming, it was an issue that diminished the more I played.

On a related note, the camera sometimes zooms out to keep all the players and enemies in the frame. While this didn't bother me so much, my friend Josh disliked the feature.

Having only played the game for less than an hour, I can only say that I see the potential for Aces Wild to be a fun game. Setting aside the two-player controller setup (see details below), Aces Wild is also good if you're looking for a co-op game.

If you're into brawlers and fighting games, then you should consider looking into Aces Wild.

[20150120 Edit]
Today I tried to get two controllers working with the game, but I didn't have any luck. As such, my friend and I decided to play 8-Bit Commando (2011).

Today I gave the controller set-up another try. Wanting to see what the controls are, I went into the control configuration and accidentally changed them instead. Unfortunately, these controls are linked to the menu navigation.

Problem: Unknown/erroneous control configuration.
Solution: Find the 'controls.awx' file and delete it.
Reason: The game will recreate the file with the default controls.

C: > Program Files > Steam > steamapps > common >
Aces Wild > Content > Data > controls.awx

As far as the controller set-up is concerned, apparently the game allows the second controller when in the character select, but fails to show in the 'Set Controls' page. How sad.

In any case, Josh and I completed two levels in about forty minutes, stopped there, took a break, and started playing Shank (PC) (2010).

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