Place Tea Party Lounge

Theoretically, the great thing about this boba place is its vast menu options. While I personally wouldn't order any of it, it's nice to know the option is there.

Green waffle ice cream sandwich.
In any case, today we came and instead of ordering boba, I just got a green waffle ice cream sandwich. Given a choice of flavors, I chose to get pistachio and vanilla.

Unfortunately, the waffle was a bit cold and chewy, as opposed to soft and warm like I was expecting it to be. The pistachio ice cream was standard quality.

My friend's boba drink.
Perhaps the dessert would have tasted better, but a strange to my right was eating a salad that was fuming the scent of sesame oil.

The popcorn chicken was more or less the same quality as the popcorn chicken from TeaZone. 10:04PM PT


Tea Party Lounge

Popcorn chicken.
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