Video Game Dead Space 3 (PC) (2013)

Dead Space 3 (PC) (2013)

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After having completed the game, I found that the game had a couple of flaws. The first flaw is how rooms and areas started to feel repetitive. This caused me to become disoriented at times, thinking I had already been to location when actually I hadn't.

The second flaw with the game is its lack of options with regards to chat volume, push-to-talk, etc. You can't even turn it on and off mid-game. On a related note, I occasionally had trouble inviting my friend to the lobby, because of some software issues between the game and Origin (digital distribution software).

In my honest opinion, if Origin wants to compete with Steam, then it should at least try and do it well.

Finally, a third, but minor flaw is that the collision boxes of some objects are bigger than they actually appear, causing my friend and I to occasionally have to replay certain action sequences a ridiculous number of times.

While there may be other little things to quibble about, the game is fun, the graphics are aesthetically pleasing, and the game has a decent atmosphere.

This is a fun game. I have, however, yet to encounter a truly scary moment. Regardless, the game is somewhat difficult (on normal mode).

While the weapon system looks like it has a lot of potential, the learning curve seems steep and initially the system feels unintuitive.

My friend and I start today's session by trying to get his microphone to work. I try to help by using the screen share function on Skype. Eventually, he realizes he was adjusting the volume settings on the wrong mic input.

Note that instead of using the communication system built into Dead Space 3, we decided to continue communication via Skype (compared to Steam + any Valve game, Origin + Dead Space 3 has crappy communication settings).

I read the following:
Whatever you do, DO NOT complete the game while a scavenger bot(s) is deployed, you will lose it (them).
Someone else responded with the following:
I had a scavenger bot(s) deployed while completing the game without losing it (them).

My friend and I put two more sessions in today, for a total of six to seven hours of gameplay.

Today I realized the importance of having a weapon that fires quickly. When dealing with a lot of necromancers, a gun that fires and reloads quickly is superior to a gun that deals a lot of damage and reloads slowly. While it usually didn't matter, because I'd be in co-op with my friend Chris, it mattered today when I had to fight necromancers on my own.

After a couple days, I find time to play a little bit more Dead Space 3 with my friend. We start off the session by replaying the co-op mission from the other day, only with my friend as Carver and me as Isaac. Eventually, after a total of about four hours, we defeat the final boss and finish the game.

Today my friend and I start off trying to increase our completion percentages, but eventually decide to start a New Game+ on Hard.

My friend Chris and I continue from where we left off on our New Game+ save file.

What? Why doesn't the game detect my screen resolution!?! While I considered fixing the issue, my friend and I were ready to play so I decided to just play at a lower resolution.

In any case, we played using his save file and started from Chapter 5 (before the pinball machine) and played until arriving at Chapter 10 (approximately 2 hours of game time).

Having been a while since I last played, I forgot all but the most basic controls. Besides the essentials, important keys are B for locating the co-op player and objective, X for crouch, shift for boost, F for Kinesis, and alt to leave/land on a platform.

After ending the night, I went to C:\Users\\AppData\Local\EA Games\Dead Space 3\system.txt and manually edited the resolution (width and height). This did the trick.

Continuing from where we left off (Chapter 10), my friend and I played until we got to the end of Chapter 12 - we were fighting the big boss until my friend's internet connection dropped.

While I like the game's atmosphere and gun crafting, I was definitely reminded (during today's run and the last run) of how cheesy some of the story and dialogue can be.

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