Concert 20140620 Vic Mensa

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Vic Mensa at Firefly 2014 (*
*Replaced the available setlist with the setlist below on 20140727.

20140620 2:15 PM - 3:00 PM @ The Porch Stage:
While I hadn't heard of Vic Mensa before today, I'm glad I caught his performance. With a good variety of music, I definitely plan to keep an ear out for Vic Mensa.

Songs I Heard/Partial Setlist:*
*While reviewing pictures I had taken, I noticed that I happened to snap a picture of the setlist in one of them. What I can read suggests the performance started as follows: 1) Lovely Day, 2) ???, 3) Orange Soda, 4) Feel That, 5) ???, 6) YNSP.

Orange Soda / Track 02 on INNANETAPE (2013)
: I like this laid back sound.

Feel That /

Hollywood LA / Track 09 on INNANETAPE (2013)

YNSP / Track 08 on INNANETAPE (2013)

Major Payne /
: Song about threesomes.

Holy Holy / Track 10 on INNANETAPE (2013)

Down On My Luck /
: This song has a nice party/club beat. [20140722: The music video for this song is pretty cool.]

Tweakin' / Track 04 on INNANETAPE (2013)
: Chance the Rapper appears as a guest artist. 2:53PM ET.

Don't Harsh My Mellow / Track 05 on Traphouse Rock (2012) by Kids These Days
: This song has slow parts intermittent with fast parts.

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