Concert 20140619 San Fermin

Allen Tate (Lead Vocals)
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*Submitted the setlist below on 20140708.

Stephen Chen (Saxophone) and Rebekah Durham (Violin/Vocals)
20140619 9:15 PM - 10:00 PM @ The Forest Stage:
From my standing spot in the crowd of Gregory Alan Isakov, I was able to move up to the second row from the front for San Fermin.

John Brandon (Trumpet)
Having heard this band live this last March, I was excited to see them again. In fact, I made the (difficult) choice to watch their entire set instead of skipping out early and watching Amos Lee, whose set starts at 9:45 PM.

Charlene Kaye (Lead Vocals)
While waiting for the show to start, I had overheard that Rae Cassidy was no longer part of the band and that a singer named Charlene Kaye had replaced her. Wondering how this new singer would compare to Cassidy, I considered myself lucky to have heard Cassidy perform with the band back in March.

Well, when the time came for Charlene Kaye to sing, I thought she was a definitely a good singer, but failed to register the amount of intensity and emotion which Rae Cassidy seemed to apply. I recall my friends more or less agreed.

Ellis Ludwig-Leone (Songwriter, Keyboard)
With that being said, Kaye was still a joy to listen to and San Fermin still rocked it!

As a testament to how much I enjoy their music, I would like to note that the only shirt I bought while at Firefly was a San Fermin shirt.

Tyler McDiarmid (Guitar) and Mike Hanf (Drums)
Songs I Heard/Full Setlist:
Renaissance! / Track 01 on San Fermin (2013)

Crueler Kind / Track 02 on San Fermin (2013)

Demon Lover
: (new song) . from the depths my soul can send . its gonna (gotta?) be perfect .

Sonsick / Track 05 on San Fermin (2013)

Torero / Track 08 on San Fermin (2013)

: (another new song) . ooooo ooooo . try to find a reason [9:38PM ET] . (violin solo and a lot of call and response) . ah ohhhh oohhhh . (sax plays melody solo several times)

: type . wind . (this one is just/mainly Allen on lead vocals)

Daedalus (What We Have) / Track 16 on San Fermin (2013)
: Trumpet opens this song.

The Count / Track 10 on San Fermin (2013)
: This song has a sax solo and the beat drops repeatedly.

Heart in a Cage (The Strokes cover)
: A saxophone solo starts this song off. "Well I don't feel better, when I'm FUCKING around." [10:00PM ET]

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