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My Music Festival Firefly Music Festival post.
RAC at Firefly 2014 (*
*Reordered songs to reflect order below on 20140711.

20140619 10:30 PM - 11:30 PM @ The Forest Stage:
I came here from The Backyard Stage after watching Local Natives perform a couple of songs.

Overall, I think this was a good choice, because I got to hear some familiar RAC songs like Let Go and Hollywood.

After the end of RAC's set, I returned to The Backyard Stage to watch the rest of Local Natives's performance.

Songs I heard/Partial Setlist:
Sweet Disposition (RAC Mix) - The Temper Trap / Track
:: I had written down "I'm holding on" instead of "A moment, a love." Also, it's amazing how small the ratio of the number of people here at RAC show to the number of people over at the Local Natives show. [11:11PM ET]

Seventeen - Pink Feathers / Track 09 on Strangers (2014)
: Female vocal.
:: Drums drown out the vocals from where I"m standing.
: "Give it up for Pink Feathers everybody!"

Cheap Sunglasses - Matthew Koma / Track 16 on Strangers (2014)

Hollywood - Penguin Prison / Track 02 on Don't Talk To (2013)

Let Go - Kele, MNDR / Track 01 on Don't Talk To (2013)
: [20140711: This song has a catchy chorus.]

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