Concert 20140620 Portugal. The Man

Portugal. The Man

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*Confirmed a subset of the available setlist on 20140811.

20140620 5:45 PM - 6:45 PM @ The Backyard Stage:
At the Backyard Stage, there were two sets of speakers placed about one hundred feet in front of stage left and stage right. Arriving to the stage area after listening to Iron & Wine, we walked past the set of speakers on our right (pictured below). Unfortunately, possibly due to sound cancellation, the music volume had dropped considerably and the band was essentially inaudible. As such, we opted to sit behind those same set of speakers.

However, instead of being super quiet, the music was now super loud, and so I put in a pair of earplugs. After a couple of songs, we moved to an area past the set of speakers on our left where both the volume and view was great.

As for the music, I had realized after watching Portugal. The Man's performance that I have heard and enjoyed many songs by them.

Songs I Heard/Almost Full Setlist:
All Your Light (Times Like These) / Track 08 on In The Mountain In The Cloud (2011)

Hip Hop Kids / Track 05 on Evil Friends (2013)

Evil Friends / Track 03 on Evil Friends (2013)
*According to, "Day Man" directly follows "Evil Friends."

So American / Track 01 on In The Mountain In The Cloud (2011)

People Say / Track 01 on The Satanic Satanist (2009)
*According to, "Everything You See (Kids Count Hallelujahs)" directly follows "People Say."

Atomic Man / Track 06 on Evil Friends (2013)
: The singer sounds a bit like Jack White.

Modern Jesus / Track 04 on Evil Friends (2013)
: Yeah! Great song. 6:21PM ET

Creep in a T-Shirt / Track 02 on Evil Friends (2013)
*According to, "Someday Believers" directly follows "Creep in a T-Shirt."

Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) (Pink Floyd cover) /

Purple Yellow Red and Blue / Track 11 on Evil Friends (2013)
: Directly follows "Another Brick in the Wall", starts with a guitar riff. 6:51PM ET

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