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*Submitted the setlist below on 20140707.

20140619 6:30 PM - 7:15 PM @ The Lawn Stage: [6:34PM ET]
I didn't have the time to listen to Parade of Lights, before the start of Firefly, but my friends were interested in hearing them, so I tagged along. We were walking from the end of Andrew Belle's set and so arrived shortly after the start of this set.

Now I don't know what this band usually does in concert, but here at Firefly, they really put an extra kick into some of their tracks. Since I hadn't heard them before, I felt indifferent, but now [20140707] I understand why my friends were somewhat disappointed in the difference in sound between the live performance and studio recordings.

In any case, the band gave off a lot of energy and it was fun to hear. However, like my friends, I like the cleaner sounding studio recordings.

Songs I Heard/Partial Setlist:
Just Give It Up / Track 01 on Born to Live, Born to Love (2012)

The Island / Track 03 on Golden (2014)
: This song had a pop rock sound, and it felt heavy on the beat. [20140707: The album recording is tamer in regards to the beat.]

Flash of Light / Track 03 on Born to Live, Born to Love (2012)
: [20140707: I really like the sound of this song.]

Burn / Track 04 on Golden (2014)
: This one reminded me of Linkin Park, maybe it was the distortion on the guitar that gave me this feeling. [20140707: The album recording has a much cleaner tone.]

Only Human / Track 02 on Born to Live, Born to Love (2012)
:: My friends and I began walking towards the food stands during this song, but I could still hear the next three songs in the distance.

: This song had a dance beat to it. As far as I could tell, there weren't any lyrics.

We're the Kids / Track 02 on Golden (2014)

Golden / Track 01 on Golden (2014) [7:00PM ET]
: This song felt really energetic. [7:03PM ET]

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