Concert 20140619 Local Natives

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Local Natives at Firefly 2014 (*
*Added Black Balloons to the setlist on 20140710.

20140619 10:45 PM - 12:00 AM @ The Backyard Stage:
Overall, Local Natives has good music, but I wasn't familiar with them enough to qualify staying through their entire set and consequently missed the middle of their performance.

Songs I Heard/Partial Setlist: (part 1)
Wide Eyes / Track 01 on Gorilla Manor (2010)
:: Walking over after the end of Amos Lee's performance, I arrived near the end of the previous song. Since I wasn't feeling it, I thought about leaving. But while I was thinking, this song started playing. Having recognized it, I stayed to listen some more.

Black Balloons / Track 07 on Hummingbird (2013)
:: After listening to this song for a while (at least until the second time "Hold me down and bring me back up again" is sung), I decided to head over to RAC for a bit. [11:09PM ET]

Songs I Heard/Partial Setlist: (part 2)
Airplanes / Track 02 on Gorilla Manor (2010)
:: I returned from the end of RAC's set in time for this song.

Heavy Feet / Track 02 on Hummingbird (2013)

Who Knows, Who Cares / Track 09 on Gorilla Manor (2010)
: This is another great song.

Sun Hands / Track 03 on Gorilla Manor (2010)
:: They say they're not even on tour at the moment and that they're in L.A. working on their next album. [20140620 12:09AM ET]

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