Concert 20140620 KONGOS

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*Confirmed the available setlist.

20140620 1:30 PM - 2:15 PM @ The Firefly Stage:
While I didn't put them on my list of bands to watch perform, I'm really glad that I saw their performance. In particular, the Kongos have great music and it was a lot of good energy.

Songs I Heard/Full Setlist:
Hey I Don't Know / Track 08 on Lunatic (2014)
: Nice. [20140713: This song has a strong beat and was a perfect opening song to a great set.]

Sex on the Radio / Track 07 on Lunatic (2014) [TIME]
: Lead singer plays bass. [20140713: Dylan Kongo plays the bass.] Accordion solo. [20140713: Johnny Kongo plays the accordion.]

Kids These Days / Track 05 on Lunatic (2014)

I'm Only Joking / Track 01 on Lunatic (2014)
: Great song.
:: This band has good vocal clarity, a great beat, and a variety of instruments.

Come Together (The Beatles cover)
: With guest artist Moe'z Art

I Want to Know / Track 03 on Lunatic (2014)

Take It from Me

It's a Good Life / Track 11 on Lunatic (2014)
: This song was a bit more mellow. It had more of a reggae/Hawaiian sort of sound.

Come With Me Now / Track 02 on Lunatic (2014) [2:12PM ET] [TIME]

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