Concert 20140619 Gregory Alan Isakov

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20140619 8:00 PM - 8:45 PM @ The Forest Stage:
Having come to The Forest Stage to hear Aer, I decided to stick around and listen to Gregory Alan Isakov. As a bonus, due to the small nature of The Forest Stage, I was able to get a pretty good view.

Overall, Gregory Alan Isakov's songs are mellow and pleasant. Unfortunately, I think his music is the sort that takes a while for me to truly enjoy.

Songs I Heard/Full Setlist:
Virginia May / Track 05 on This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009)
: This song has a nice sound. Instruments include harmonica, cello, guitar, and violin.

Evelyn / Track 04 on This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009)

This Empty Northern Hemisphere / Track 08 on This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009)
: Capo on the 3rd fret

Saint Valentine / Track 02 on The Weatherman (2013)
: Capo on the 3rd fret


The Stable Song / Track 02 on That Sea, The Gambler (2007)
: I absolutely love this one. Oh my goodness, when the violin plucks the melody, my heart just melts.

:: On the one hand, I needed to use restroom. On the other hand, I didn't want to lose my spot near the stage so that I could move up for San Fermin. After some thought, I left, quickly used the restroom, and managed to return to where I was standing.

Dandelion Wine / Track 01 on This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009)
: I'm pretty sure this song is Dandelion Wine, because it ends with humming, chanting, the cello playing the melody. Furthermore, it contains the following: "Ehhhhh ehh eh..."

That Moon Song / Track 03 on This Empty Northern Hemisphere (2009) [9:04PM ET]

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