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Foo Fighters

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20140620 9:45 PM - 11:45 PM @ Firefly Main Stage:
After watching Iron & Wine at the Coffee House, my friends and I take a break and get some food. At which point, I highlight that this is one of the rare times that I simply took it easy, neither waiting for a show nor watching one.

With that being said, my friend John and I were nevertheless excited to see and hear the Foo Fighters, though more hearing than seeing because we were close enough to where the crowd starts to become packed, but far enough that the band looks quite small. I think this, for the Foo Fighters, is a good balance:

1) I know their hits, but not by heart.
2) I love their music, but I haven't been listening to them recently.
3) We're far enough to actually see the band instead of always looking at the heads in front of us.

I would say the greatest thing about the Foo Fighters is that they know how to keep the energy going and give a great performance, at least from what I saw today. For this set in particular, you can see that they either played songs from their latest album Wasting Light (2011) or songs that can be found on their compilation album Greatest Hits (2009).

Of course, part of what made the performance so good was the end: with the lights having gone out, several minutes to go until the scheduled end time, and not yet having heard "Everlong," it was almost certain the band would come back for an encore.

Then, out of the darkness, the screens come on and we see Dave Grohl in black and white motioning and "communicating" with the audience. There's no audio, but his communication is clear. "Do you want an encore?" Grohl seemed to ask. "How many songs?" he would later ask, holding up some fingers to indicate the number they should play.

Finally, the band agrees to come out, and behind them in big letters is a banner that reads "The Holy Shits." Grohl tells the audience that for the rest of the night, they're "The Holy Shits" and look to cover some famous rock songs. They play "School's Out," "Miss You," "Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love," and "Under Pressure."

While the four rock covers were definitely worth hearing, the band completes the entire performance with the song almost everybody is waiting to hear: "Everlong."

Songs I Heard/Full Setlist:
Times Like These / Track 04 on One by One (2002); 07 on GH (2009)

Rope / Track 02 on Wasting Light (2011)

The Pretender / Track 01 on Echos, Silence, Patience & Grace (2007); 04 on GH (2009)

Learn to Fly / Track 03 on There Is Nothing Left to Lose (1999); 06 on GH (2009)

White Limo / Track 04 on Wasting Light (2011)
: This song is much heavier and distorted than their more popular hits. There seems to be less interest from the audience as a whole.

Arlandria / Track 05 on Wasting Light (2011)
: Lol, he burps.
:: This is rock.

My Hero / Track 07 on The Colour and the Shape (1997); 05 on GH (2009)

: After song ends, audience is cheering and wooing. Grohl: "Hey!!" "Hey!!" "Hey!!" "Hey!!" "Heeeeeeeeey!" "Hi."
: Grohl explains how Chris's ankle broke: he's old. Apparently Chris insisted to come play anyways (he spends the whole time playing guitar while sitting down). More introductions.

Cold Day in the Sun / Track 09 on Disc 2 on In Your Honor (2005)
: Drummer Taylor Hawkins sings. 10:32PM ET

Big Me / Track 03 on Foo Fighters (1995); 09 on GH (2009)
: Preceded by a long story about a Mentos commercial, a parody of them, Mentos being thrown, and lighters.

Monkey Wrench / Track 02 on The Colour and the Shape (1997); 08 on GH (2009)
: Dedicated to The Arctic Monkeys.
: Grohl climbs a bit.
: Steve Urkel face onscreen.

Walk / Track 11 on Wasting Light (2011)

These Days / Track 06 on Wasting Light (2011)

Generator / Track 05 on There Is Nothing Left To Lose (1999)

This Is A Call / Track 01 on Foo Fighter (1995); 12 on GH (2009)

Best of You / Track 03 on Disc 1 on In Your Honor (2005); 02 on GH (2009)

All My Life / Track 01 on One by One (2002); 01 on GH (2009)
: 11:36PM ET

Encore (as "The Holy Shits"):
School's Out (Alice Cooper cover) /

Miss You (The Rolling Stones cover) /

Ain't Talkin' 'bout Love (Van Halen cover) /
: Drummer Taylor Hawkins sings this one.

Under Pressure (Queen and David Bowie cover) /

Everlong / Track 11 on The Colour and the Shape (1997); 03 on GH (2009)
: Exciting! 20140621 12:58AM ET

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