Concert 20140619 Andrew Belle

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20140619 5:45 PM - 6:30 PM @ The Backyard Stage:
At the beginning of every track, Andrew Belle plays a little beat and records part of it to loop throughout the song, at least I think. Then at the end, he resumes - transitioning from his keyboard back to the drum set up - and plays a little outro beat.

Overall, the music was quite mellow and the lyrics tend to sound slurred and indistinct. In fact, the voice quality reminds me a bit of Coldplay. With that being said, I love Coldplay, and I definitely enjoyed Andrew Belle's music. I was happy to hear the artist perform and look forward to listening to more of his music.

Songs I Heard/Full Setlist:
Static Waves / Track 02 on The Ladder (2010)
I Won't Fight It / Track 10 on Black Bear (2013)
Sister / Track 03 on Black Bear (2013)
Dark Matter / Track 01 on Black Bear (2013)

In My Veins / Track 01 on In My Veins (single) (2010)
Wants What It Wants / Track 05 on Black Bear (2013)
Pieces / Track 02 on Black Bear (2013) [6:23PM ET]

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