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Aer at Firefly 2014 (*
*Used the available setlist to fill out the setlist below.

20140619 6:45 PM - 7:30 PM @ The Forest Stage:
After listening to Parade of Lights and getting food, my friends and I headed over to The Forest Stage to catch Aer. I approximate that we arrived at the stage at around 7:05PM ET.

In any case, I definitely enjoyed Aer's sound prior to coming to Firefly and find them to be a pretty lively duo.

Songs I Heard/Partial Setlist:
Floats My Boat / Track 02 on The Brightside (2012)
:: As we walk towards the stage, I hear Floats My Boat in the distance.
: [20140707: This is one of the songs I listened to prior to coming to Firefly and definitely liked it.]

Shout (The Isley Brothers cover)

Says She Loves Me / Track 04 on Aer (2014)

Pretty Lady (Around Me) / Track 07 on Aer (2014)

Stars / Track 02 on Aer (2014)

Take It Wrong / Track 01 on Take It Wrong (single) (2013)

Wonderin' Why / Track 01 on What You Need EP (2011)
:: [20140707: Prior to today, I had heard the lyrics "nobody knows" as "Natty Boh."]

Feel I Bring / Track 04 on The Reach (2011)
: [20140707: Another one of the songs which I heard prior to coming to Firefly and enjoyed. I like like it a little more than Floats My Boat.]

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