Video Game WildStar (PC) (2014)

WildStar (PC) (2014)*
*20160203: On September 29, 2015, WildStar became free to play

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Special Thanks to RxySurfChic for giving away WildStar keys to her viewers.

20140503 AM Hours: [20160203 Edit]
After receiving a beta key I immediately started installing the game. After it installed, I played a bit, found the overall experience linear, and found the ranged fighting difficult.

In addition, some of the other game mechanics were initially confusing to me, but only because I was unfamiliar with MMORPGs.**

The closest thing I've played to WildStar would probably be Path of Exile (2013) - even though Path of Exile is not an MMO and is actually quite different.

**I've actually played Spiral Knights (PC) (2009) and Realm of the Mad God (PC) (2011) but they're relatively simple.

With that being said, WildStar had a lot of tutorials which helped me accustom myself with all the controls and mechanics which the game had to offer. I also enjoyed the various options available for customizing the character. On that note, the developers placed a high degree of visual customization with respect to character creation.

Perhaps a couple of different clothing options at the start would have been a nice addition to all the physical options.

20140503 Morning:
I woke up and played a little bit. I was actually enjoying the game so much that I was tempted not to go to yoga.

As I played more of WildStar, I found there were more things to explore. While I enjoyed looking around and exploring, the experience would probably be boring to viewers. I should make a note not to stream games that call out to my exploratory needs.

20140503 Evening:
After getting back from dinner I resumed playing WildStar. The game continued to keep my interest, especially as my character grew stronger and the quantity of quests increased.

On the one hand, I enjoyed exploring the world.

On the other hand, walking around without some sort of mount felt boring and tedious. In any case, I couldn't imagine myself paying the monthly subscription to play the game.

Played more.

Final Thoughts: [20140608]
For the most part, I found WildStar fun. However, since I knew I wouldn't be playing the game when it released,*** I decided it was better to just stop several hours into the game.

***20160203: While subscription-based on release, WildStar became free to play on September 29, 2015.

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