Video Game A Virus Named TOM (PC) (2012)

A Virus Named TOM (PC) (2012)

Rotate tiles until all of them are connected.
Seven tiles in this puzzle need to be rotated.
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The game's (story) art style.
A Virus Named TOM is an action puzzle game. As the title suggest, you play as a virus named TOM. You were created by a scientist seeking revenge on the company where he was formerly employed. And, in order to carry out your creators revenge, you will navigate through circuit boards and spread the virus by connecting all the circuits to various sources. However, watch out as the company catches onto your mischievous actions and beefs up the security (puzzles get harder).

Some puzzles begin to use the sides as a connection.
The aspect I enjoy most about A Virus Named TOM is its race-against the clock nature. For me, its not satisfying just to finish a level and move on to the next. Instead, the satisfaction is in repeating the levels and figuring out where to save precious seconds of time off the clock! The satisfaction is in climbing those ladderboards! Note that this isn't the case for all games, but it works well in A Virus Named TOM.

Each level consists of a product with multiple parts (puzzles)
which need to be infected (solved). When all of theparts are completed,
then the product is infected, a cutscene plays, and a new level is unlocked.
Similar to A Virus Named TOM in this nature is a puzzle platformer called The Adventures of Shuggy (PC) (2012). Note that both games also offer local co-op, with A Virus Named TOM allowing up to four players to play cooperatively! While I cannot make any statements about playing with three or four players, I have played the two-player story mode and found it pretty fun. Sometimes, to make the experience truly cooperative, the puzzle will have a barrier down the center which the two players cannot cross.

The red tile must not be triggered!
Overall, A Virus Named TOM is a simple puzzle game and a great pickup if you love puzzle games and are starting to dig around towards the lower end of the barrel. Otherwise, I would recommend doing a little research into other puzzle games. For example, maybe you would prefer Cogs (PC) (2009) (another puzzle game with a race-against the clock element) or The Adventures of Shuggy (the puzzle platformer mentioned above).

Today I played the single player story and finished the following levels:
10:43 The Dog Days Are Over
13:16 Beam Me Up
13:47 One Small Step For Man
14:25 hotGirl365

I also go the following achievements:
12:48 Leap Before You Look
13:23 Macaroni Chain
13:28 Helium
13:57 Lithium

Today Josh and I played the co-op story with two players. Thus far, however, we took it easy and only made it our goal to get gold.

Unconnected tiles are occasionally covered with question marks.
This meant that inefficiencies such as running into each other were unimportant. It only mattered if we did what was necessary to secure a gold medal.

We finished the following level:
17:17 The Dog Days Are Over

We got the following achievements:
16:58 Peeping TOM
17:07 The Grass Is Always Greener


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