Video Game Dear Esther (PC) (2012)

Dear Esther (PC) (2012)

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I play for a while, getting to The Caves before being too sleepy to continue.

The game is very beautiful and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Being forced to only walk everywhere is definitely the game's intention and can be both a good and bad experience depending on what your gaming preferences.

At times, the game begins to feel dull and as much fun as soaking up the environment can be, I believe the exploration and beauty aspect of the game is short-lived. Personally I wanted to hear more parts of the story.

Overall, Dear Esther is a fun game where you just walk around, explore, and unravel a story which gets told as you go. In other words, Dear Esther can be considered less of a video game and more of an interactive story, where the listener is only told more of the story if the listener can arrive to the appropriate locations on the island.

I started up Dear Esther again today and was disappointed to learn that I failed to save my progress. Slightly disgruntled about having to start back at the beginning, there were a couple of details that I got to experience that I didn't get to experience before, so at least restarting wasn't a waste.

My thoughts on the ending: I got to a part in the game where a cut scene occurs. It feels like an ending, but then I heard the words, "Come back." These words were also whispered earlier throughout the game, when the player dies by falling off a cliff or something. In those cases, the whispered words to come back are meant to signify that it isn't time to die.

Continuing my thoughts on the ending: Hence, when I heard those words at the end, I felt like there was more to the story. However, nothing seems to happen. Expecting one thing to happen and getting another, I felt a bit unsatisfied.

After reading some forum posts and playing the game again, I was more accepting of the game's story and ending.

I suspected during this run that perhaps strafing left and right would increase the player character's speed (about the twelve minute mark of the recording). Apparently, according to the description in a speedrun of Dear Esther, alternatively pressing A and D in addition to W will in fact boost the player character's speed by about 15 to 30 percent. Watching the speedrun, there are also a couple of places where the speedrunner intentionally dies.

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