Video Game Capsized (PC) (2011)

Capsized (PC) (2011)

Firing the plas-mortar.
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Use your hook to grapple ceilings.
20140508: 23:34 ET to 24:29ET
This platformer and its use of a gravity gun and grappling hook mechanisms is pretty fun.

The scoring system is a little puzzling, as you are not told what is the best possible number of stars you can obtain in a level. For example, I thought it would be out of 10, but on the first level, I have currently achieved 10.5 stars.

Use your hook to pick up and launch objects.
In addition to the gravity gun and grappling hook, the game also has a variety of weapons that can be obtained throughout each level. It seems that different weapons are best suited against different enemies.

Part of the fun is to figure out how to interact and destroy different things. Of course, sometimes this can feel a little frustrating when playing for the first time.

Firing the immolator.
Combining good music, great atmosphere, and manipulation of obstacles placed throughout the levels, this game reminds me of Trine (PC) (2009). However, I find the atmosphere in Trine to be superior to the atmosphere in Capsized. Furthermore, Trine was much more addicting to play.

Drag heavy objects with your hook.
Some factors that make Trine the better game include the following: Trine is more beautiful, the medieval setting is more calming and/or welcoming than the space setting, Trine's equipment and gameplay is more intricate.

With all that being said, Capsized is a good, fun game in its own right and definitely worth checking out if you enjoy platformers.

Firing the pulsar while using the jet pack.
That's all I can think of to say for now. I'll have to give the game a closer look in the future.

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